Value of Design Award

Milk 66 Resolv

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Sarah Melrose
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Anthony Hos
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Ben Reid, Kate Forsythe, Eden Harris, Gemma Scott, Natasha Vermuelen, Adeline Chua
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Michael Crampin, Tom Crampin
  • Client
    Sims Consumer Brands

When it comes to single use plastic, the answer is simple – less is best (or none if you can). This is a problem that the home cleaning aisle has, and one that isn’t so clean.

Our client Sims Consumer Brands had an idea for small, concentrated, soluble cleaning ‘pods’ that could address the environmental problems within the cleaning aisle. They asked us to help bring it to life, but we knew bringing a completely new format in and educating consumers on what it is and how to use it is no small feat, especially when the pods are tiny, and they’re used to buying bottles.

Time was of the essence to bring Resolv’s innovative product proposition to the trade. Our strategy was to begin with a bold storyline to sell in the proposition, allowing us to be nimble and get in front of retailers in NZ and AU, fast. We knew we had competitors hot on our heels.

We created a punchy short film, highlighting the issues we faced and the enemy we were fighting: dirty. Dirty design, dirty behaviours, dirty actions. It was clear, we could be a real disruptor to all this ‘dirtiness’. There is single use plastic waste everywhere. Additionally, 90% of home cleaners are simply water, giving the category a heavy carbon footprint.

This video proposition had a significant impact, the major retailer literally stopped the presentation halfway through, asking when they could have it. The simple design system and storyline pitch did the trick.

Designing the identity, the main concern was getting consumers to understand what it was and how they should use it – bottle buying behaviour was so engrained. So, we literally drew a bottle on the front of pack. This simply and immediately communicated the idea of cleaning fluid leading consumers to find out more.

Additionally, the reusable bottles were critical. We designed these sympathetic to the home environment. They needed to be lightweight, beautiful, and functional. So we kept them refined and simple, sitting proudly but respectfully in the laundry, bathroom or kitchen.

Our nimble approach paid off as Resolv was first to hit the shelves ahead of a myriad of competitors. Not only first to impact a category, Resolv has already had an incredible impact for our client and the environment.

Through education on ‘refill, not landfill’, Resolv is helping consumers save 95% of plastic waste compared to standard format products. To date, we’ve saved 40,000 single use plastic bottles from landfill.

Additionally, the compact format of the product is 3.5 times more efficient when being transported than other standard cleaners. Shipping more with a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Resolv is now ranged in four major retailers in NZ, and Australia’s largest supermarket chain, returning a 10% higher profit margin than the cleaning category average.

Resolv isn’t just disrupting the category, it’s meeting the cleaning needs of consumers, having one of the highest re-purchase rates in the new dissolvable category within surface cleaning.

Here’s to a world less dirty.