Value of Design Award

Co-operative Bank 2 Octave Personal Banking Apps

Value of Design Award 2021 Credits
  • Creative Director
    Tom de Groen
  • Design Directors
    Alex Roberts, Dan Johnstone
  • Team Members
    Ruth Johnson, João Gavazzi, Gareth Redman, Sophie White, Alan Macdougall, Adele Child, Naina Verma, Peter Williamson
  • Contributors
    Aaron Braden, Matthew Painter

A new app design and build project became an opportunity to use design methodologies to bring about beneficial systemic changes across Co-op.

Using this project as a litmus test for customer-centric design methodologies at Co-op – and regularly sharing process outcomes with a wider stakeholder group – key decision-makers now understand the ability of design to create real business value first hand.

Co-op are driving real innovation in a traditionally unadventurous, risk-averse sector – capably competing with much bigger, and better funded, industry giants.