Smudge 3 NZ Police Family Harm App

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Reuben Bijl, Toby Vincent
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    10+ devs and designers at Smudge, 10+ project team at NZ Police
  • Client
    New Zealand Police
Judge's comments:

This project sat at the heart of an important area of work for the Police - the prevention of family violence. Domestic violence accounts for 40% of front line police time (around 330 incidents a day), officers had a 13 page form to fill in for each visit. The designers put the needs of both the officers attending incidents and the victims at the centre of the design solution – victims were often unable to articulate themselves in front of others and the app enabled victim feedback with complete privacy confidence – which also promoted a ‘personal’ interaction with the officers. With the new app officers can spend more time investigating family harm incidents and less time on back office tasks, back at the station.