Calais Soper 2 Tūrama

  • Te Kapa Tauira / Student Team
    Jonathon Morris, Kevin Pao, Sejin Lee
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Tammie Leong, Don Chooi, Jim Murray, Jocelyn Janon, Pritika Lal
  • School
    Media Design School

Tūrama means beacon of light, standing strong in its own right. It is a journey to illuminating what shapes our rangatahi’s personal sense of self, through the reflection of Mātauranga Māori values and unique features that surround us during 2022’s special Matariki celebrations.
The rangatahi in Tāmaki makaurau struggle with finding their sense of self and purpose, The upcoming Matariki celebrations provide the opportunity for self-reflection and growth. Young adults in a post-pandemic world are also seeking environments and communities where they can feel accepted for who they are.
The Tūrama experience of 2022 activates the space of Tīramarama Way through its three-part journey of Exploration, Connection and Reflection. Starting with an accessible Instagram AR filter, Rangatahi can scan featured photographs or visuals to reveal a 3D ‘window’ to interact with Māori values relative to the location. The wayfinding from these posters will then lead the user to the discovery hub where they can connect more visually with these values, they can then reflect inward via our constellation creation interface by applying their nickname, date of birth, core values and aspirations to create their own projected personalised constellation in front of them. Their constellation will allow a moment of viewing before the next steps of becoming a part of a night sky with others' own constellations.

Expansion of self through reflecting on one's own aspirations and values can lead to better beliefs that one can achieve specific goals and better overall mental health.
Tūrama provides the space for rangitahi to reflect inward on their personal values and also send off their aspirations for Matariki and the year of growth ahead of them, Creating steps toward a richer bi-cultural eco-system of Aotearoa.
They are welcome to select a ‘‘value frame’ that resonates with them the most. This can be used to capture their personalised constellation or their whānau, friends and surroundings important to them, then they can express this in their everyday lives via platforms like Instagram.

Tūrama could become a multitude of conversations highlighting unique spaces and Māori knowledge, offering rangitahi reflection of personal values and expansion of self.