Wingates 18 Global Insurance Company

  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Natasha Baumgartner, Michael Leng, David Maurice, Kelsey Black, David Wingate
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Nel Battenhaussen, Peter Holder, Alice Tan
  • Client
    Global Insurance Company

The Client is a Global Insurance company with an already established global brand identity. They chose to leave their existing office to move to the vibrant commercial bay.
The challenge was to design a space that reflected the global brand with subtleties that represented local identity. With strict brand identity guidelines already in place, it was important the design maintained the professionalism of the corporate brand while adapting to new ways of working. Part of the challenge was to create a workspace that enabled the team to be most productive in spaces that facilitated their needs.
The design outcome was a space that worked to a 60% occupancy model with the capacity to grow overtime, creating a facetted environment to facilitate different work styles. The layout was split into front of house and back of house with spaces throughout to focus, meet and collaborate while embracing the 360 views.
Connected by a singular linear feature pendant, the front of house is the heart of the design. It is a space to greet, a space to meet, and a space to gather. The pendant travels through multiple zones - from the concealed collab space, around the reception, right through to the kitchen.
The back of house was designed around a core pathway with central internal meet spaces surrounded by workstations. Changes in flooring created distinguished zones to establish workspace versus collaboration. Focus rooms and presentation hubs were positioned with vibrant outlooks towards busy pedestrian spaces. The views are enjoyed by all team members and are all utilised for different purposes.
It was important we also challenged the standards. Working closely with the client’s identity, we used materiality as an opportunity to add texture and colour to the space. Rendered concrete walls with hospitality level lighting enriched the environment, deep blue textured carpets in the meeting rooms added vibrancy and lushness, timber walls – a subtle connection to local were just some of the ways we were able to give the office its own kiwi identity.
The outcome was a design that strongly reflected global brand identity while boldly having its own character. Importantly a workspace was created to adapt to the evolving way of working and create an environment for its team to thrive.