Warren and Mahoney Architects 77 Buddle Findlay

  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Andrew Tu'inukuafe, Kate Henderson, Seth Baguion, Asha Page
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Alaska, Vidak, Babbage, JLL
  • Client
    Buddle Findlay

Buddle Findlay continues to occupy two of their existing floors, allowing built elements to be maintained and bought in line with the new design.

To reflect Buddle Findlay, an authentic, warm space was required to capture guests and staff as soon they step out of the lift.

The existing space has an iconic stair through the lift core connecting the floors. Existing cladding to the lifts and the perforated ceiling and lighting were also key in connecting the levels. We kept these elements and by adding planting, signage, a paint effect, finishes to the wall cladding and stone tiles, the space is transformed into the welcoming experience which sets the tone of the workplace.

The client space remains on the original floor with the existing meeting suite to the western side of the building refreshed. Reception now sits to the northern façade, drawing guests into a lounge environment to meet with staff members.

The business connects with their wider community and supports clients by letting them use the flexible spaces independently. The eastern series of meeting rooms can be opened up to connect to the reception space giving a function area that has access to harbour views and can be catered by the inhouse chief.

The same aspect is offered up to staff with the new social hub located directly above the reception, offering a calm escape from the workspace for staff to decompress and refresh.

Double kitchens allow for a streamlined use of the amenity. Rattan and timber custom furniture surrounded by planting offer a selection of seating options for people to come together.

An open plan, 1:1, non-hierarchical work style was adopted. Work points are custom-made based on the common requirements of staff. These are made up of components that can be easily reconfigured to suit each teams’ requirements. Collaboration points are placed between work points giving variation to the horizontal landscape of the open plan.

The calm restrained palette is applied to the work points and the built support spaces sitting in the background, allowing attention to be paid to finer details and textures. Handmade, natural materials create a rhythm throughout the space with rattan screens, warm colours and indoor planting contributing to an environment that supports wellbeing.
A library space anchors the southern end of the building that has limited access to natural light, to undertake reading and focused work.

The space is a wonder to visit, where the existing tenancy has been re-envisioned to capture the essence of Buddle Findlay.