Unispace 25 HUGO BOSS

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Julie Watts
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Paige Horton
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Sean Moylan, Josh Billington
  • Client
    Hugo Boss

HUGO BOSS’ new home in the creative hub of Cremorne, Melbourne, was designed to capture the brand's culture and unique identity. Created in close collaboration with the HUGO BOSS team, the new workspace provides multiple functional areas in a relatively small space creating myriad connections with this iconic lifestyle brand.

A high level of collaboration between the Unispace design team and HUGO BOSS ensured a seamless process from early concept design, this aligned closely with both HUGO BOSS' expectations and brand.

The design creates a fully immersive experience, forming connections with the brand at every opportunity. Custom campaign prints and sculptures by HUGO BOSS feature throughout. This, combined with merchandised racks along corridors, immerses users in the brand experience, connecting them to the brand.

Strategically positioned reflective surfaces give a relatively small space depth while providing a backdrop for fashion previews and fittings. A ceiling-mounted projector in the main entry space plays a looped custom video, which changes the arrival and social zone mood throughout the day and provides another branding opportunity.

A large storage space for sample stock allows the visual merchandising team to test and experiment with display products in the workplace before moving to stores.

HUGO BOSS’ global brand guidelines are reflected through the design. The space uses HUGO BOSS pieces throughout, creating a design-focused workplace that showcases their collection against bold colours and strong materials.

Smoked grey mirrors, metals and concrete were used to offset the refined fabrics and quality detailing synonymous with this high-end fashion brand. Subtle natural tones, alongside bold block colours provide a timeless backdrop, allowing the display to evolve over time.

The client chose to display their own customised artwork, sculptures and photographic campaigns that have been launched over the decades. These are seamlessly integrated into the space, ensuring the HUGO BOSS brand is always in sight and front of mind.

The front-of-house and training space was designed for multi-purpose use, from meet and greet, to fashion showings and celebrations. These spaces were designed and coordinated to be seamlessly transformed from one use to the other, whilst future-proofing for long-term growth and adaptation.

In addition to brand-centric spaces, the workplace was customized to support various internal teams. We worked closely with HUGO BOSS to integrate design features that inspire its staff, such as fittings and fashion previews for their products, and minimalistic furniture and workstations.