Kate Stanley Respect Your Elders

Student Spatial 2021 Credits
  • Student
    Kate Stanley
  • Lecturer
    Meg Rollandi
  • School
    Massey University Spatial Design

This project considers whether practices of holistic healing can be extended beyond the normal empathetic range to include heritage architecture that has, suffered or is, suffering earthquake trauma.
By personifying architecture through its historical, social and cultural layers and connections, brick and mortar can be, and should be afforded personal, body to body care and respect usually reserved for human to human healing.
This project re-frames the perception of dormant, traumatized architecture, afflicted by un-inhabitation and reconstruction. By creating a practitioner, patient relationship between myself and a body of brick the building becomes a relatable and recognizable character for the surrounding communities, who have experienced know the trauma of earthquakes. Through this act of care I can uplift the building’s character and face, renewing its place in the community and culture of the wider site, to celebrate longevity and trauma as part of its character.