• Tauira / Student
    Geogia Pope
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Tobias Danielmeier, Sue Hillery
Judge's comments:

This design ingeniously merged the realms of dance and distillery, creating an organically flowing space that celebrates the synergy between movement and craftsmanship while offering a captivating experience for visitors, design and technical resolution taken all the way through to graphic representation in a manner far beyond their year of study.


HARMONY IN MOTION is an extraordinary establishment that blurs the boundaries between creativity and craftsmanship. It combines a dance studio and a gin distillery, resulting in a captivating and unconventional space. Rooted in the essence of movement and process observation, the design of this establishment creates a harmonious environment where artistry and alchemy coexist.
At HARMONY IN MOTION, visitors are invited to embark on a journey through the dynamic interplay of dancers and distillers. The fluid motions of the dancers intertwine with the gin-making process, providing a unique experience. The design of the space celebrates both the expressive performers and the creation of exquisite spirits.
The dance studio and gin distillery seamlessly harmonize in their design. Inspired by the ethos of movement and process observation, the space embodies an organic flow. The choreography of the dances and the alchemy of gin-making are celebrated side by side. The structure is dominated by curved lines and a fluid form, reflected in the aluminum slat skirt facade, which evokes the grace and elegance of dance. In contrast, the heavy timber and steel structure with grid-like patterns represents the consistency and simplicity of distilling gin. Expansive glass panels allow natural light to flood the interior, infusing the space with energy and vitality.
To the left of the site, the dance studio awaits, equipped with a sprung floor, mirrored walls, and translucent curtains. These features are designed to inspire and support dancers in their practice. The translucent curtains along the exterior walls create an adaptable space, allowing performers to adjust the level of privacy and control how much visitors can observe.
On the right side, the distillery showcases gleaming copper stills, which are not only functional but also serve as works of art. They are juxtaposed against the exposed timber structure and traditional oak barrels where gin is aged. Visitors have the opportunity to witness the meticulous gin-making process, observing the delicate dance between botanicals and the distiller's craft.
Connecting these two spaces is a central external corridor that serves as a transition zone. Here, the performative elements of dance blend with the consistent elements of the distillery, providing areas for relaxation and contemplation. This corridor encourages creative exchanges between dancers, distillers, and visitors. Additionally, a restaurant and bar at the rear of the site create a space for the two programs to converge, further enhancing the overall experience at HARMONY IN MOTION.