Kanghyun Kim Taurapa

  • Tauira / Student
    Kanghyun Kim
  • Kaiako / Lecturer
    Lama Tone
  • School
    The University of Auckland

Ascending skyward towards the Rangi, the Taurapa sits upon the stern of the waka, standing tall in all its glory, gently curving as it tapers, a symbol of strength and unity.

Delicately perched upon both land and sea, the wharewaka invites you in from the ocean and delivers you to the land. Lightly resting on the shore, the entire structure is elevated on stilts both as an ode to its marine surroundings and as a reference to the Ōtāhuhu Portage Crossing. Upon which the ancestors of Aotearoa transported their vessel on foot, overland and on their shoulders.

The Taurapa is lashed to the land through suspension cables. This notion of tension is an ode to the Tainui Waka and its final resting place In Kawhia, secured to a Pōhutukawa tree. In turn, providing the building with a sense of power and strength, all elements a clubhouse and community building should embody.

The central ridge beam of the Wharewaka roof symbolises the backbone, which has been reinterpreted from the Wharenui, the spine with the figurehead facing the waterside, acting as the elevated eye in the sky, keeping watch of those upon the water, respecting the Papatūānuku (mother nature).

The terraced Atea space represents an inverted Pā, inspired by that of the surrounding Maunga, especially Mt Māngere. Intentionally following the natural contour of the land, this space acts as the welcome space, where club members and distinguished guests can be formally welcomed into the complex.

The Hui house is situated within the land, sunken into the motorway embankment, helping to reconnect the community with their natural environment and also aiding in dealing with the ever-present noise coming from the main road.

In the hopes of engaging with the local community and in an attempt to activate the natural landscape, Taurapa seeks to welcome those from all walks of life. Acting as an unofficial hub for all things Pacific. Helping to ensure that Māngere is at the forefront of Waka Ama racing for many years to come.