Daniel Eaton Turning Toward

  • Tauira / Student
    Daniel Eaton
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Sue Gallagher, Emily O'Hara

Two spatial jewellery-structures oriented through the scale of a waterdrop;

A Drop Necklace—bisecting a seven-storey void space with a suspended necklace, water 'beads' along a cord line. A drop released from a reservoir on the seventh floor accelerates in a vertical descent. The waterline rhythmically renews. As a necklace typically accentuates the curvatures of the body, Drop Necklace is a queer, feminine curve that comes out-of-line with the orthogonal architecture. The interior is reflected upside down within the drop. Like the hanging earrings on a nervous body, Drop Necklace oscillates, and therefore amplifies the building's paralysis. The waterdrop accentuates the cosmic law of gravity in its suspension, a macrocosmic ornament. Silver Drop Rings are offered as an invitation to collect and wear a waterdrop. In turn, these rings amplify the minute movements of the wearer.

A Seeding Line—the production chain of a waterdrop. Seeding Line 'sinks' the perpetual drops along a silver aqueduct. The vessel's diameter exceeds no more than that of the drop, which works to draw the water along it. The droplets of Seeding Line momentarily reflect their surrounding environment. They double the body of its witness and the interior. Gravity is amplified through the water's transit along the silver aqueduct: a rising and sinking performance.

Each of the works unfolds in miniature movements in the expansive space.