Z Architecture Republic Ltd 4 Bubble Tea Shop Newmarket

Retail Environments 2021 Credits
  • Creative Director
    Daniel Zhu
  • Design Director
    Daniel Zhu
  • Team Member
    Ying Feng
  • Contributor
    Apex Interiors ltd
  • Client
    Yi Chen

The owner envisaged the bubble tea house as an event place for friends to meet over a cup of bubble tea and appeals to a bunch of young clienteles.

The design brief was simple: to make the bubble tea house memorable, comfortable and fun. It should make the space something that’s an experience, instead of just seeing huge slogans and the big logo. The shop is located in Newmarket, Auckland. The store has a floor plan with a approx. 45sqm shopfront area.

The design is inspired by the concept of tea drinking in the yard with dappled light shimmering through trees and flowers as a perfect socializing space. The design response uses undulating colourful panels which flow along the wall and ceiling in a singular powerful gesture to create a world of light and colour. Its vibrant colourful panels, set against the navy-blue background, call to mind appetizing fruity flavours, while the floor and counters are painted the same colour to further enhance dramatic atmosphere of the interior and offers the eye some visual rest and brings a feeling of a navy-blue sky.

The undulated sculptural fins as a simple architectural device meeting all of the brief requirements. The flowing panels create a distinctive design identity whilst creating a colourful yet fun interior. Its unique look is intriguing and stimulating, providing those who come in for tea drinking with a quick visual pick-me-up.