Wingate Architects Ltd 12 New World Hobsonville

Retail Environments 2021 Credits
  • Creative Directors
    Chris Brading, Ryan Ward
  • Team Members
    Nicola Greville, Marilyn Lu
  • Client
    Foodstuffs North Island

New World Hobsonville is the second iteration of a new design initiative lead by FSNI. Dubbed New World 2.0 this new concept and approach to supermarkets was led by prioritising the human experience and integrating this into the existing New World Fresh philosophy. New World 2.0 recognizes that Aotearoa is changing in both behaviours and expectations of food & grocery retail.
Our challenge was to create a world-class supermarket environment and shopping experience that places the Customer at the core of its design – a place where upon entering, both staff and customers experience is enhanced as they move through the environment – relaxed and with all the senses engaged and at play.

Our response was to start with the creation of a marketplace atmosphere that provided an enhanced customer experience, engagement and a sense of community and interaction.
The layout and flow was a critical part of creating a comfortable and positive environment. Internal fixtures and racking were placed to optimise sight lines and draw customers through the store whilst maximising linger time and interaction with the product. The key was to create a sense of discovery whilst ensuring the space was not cluttered and overwhelming.

The marketplace typology and language was accentuated and humanised by using contrasting materials and volumes. Throughout the store natural and authentic materials have been used to create a more human environment.
The major retail departments (Butchery, Bakery, Seafood + Delicatessen) were figured to look and feel like individual boutique departments, each with their own unique material language. The departments were deliberately opened to the customer to create the sense of theatre and celebrate the unique freshness that comes with having these operations on site. It was important to retain sightlines to these departments from all aspects of the store to optimise the customer experience.

New World Hobsonville provides the quality of design that reflects the brands quality of product, while creating a convenient and enjoyable experience.
Balancing the commercial requirements of a large format retail operation but understanding that food and beverage retail has links to socialization. It seeks to establish and deepen relationships with the customer base by exposing them to new experiences and products. Celebrating the theatre of operation, allowing the product to be the focus, constantly leading with fresh throughout the store and creating a space that customers looked forward to visiting were key elements that set the New World Hobsonville experience apart from the competition.