Warren and Mahoney Architects 77 One New Zealand

  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Gareth Huston, Justin Crook, Scott Compton, Yuran Qin, Tessa Crosby, Gier Jong, Kimmy Deng, Sunny Shin, Leely Kuh, Rhonda Vegar, Eliot Blenkarne
  • Client
    One New Zealand

Brief: The rebrand from Vodafone to One New Zealand brought about an opportunity to localise the customer service experience and benefit the communities of Aotearoa. The brief was simple: to revolutionise the retail experience of the network – reflect our country, integrate digital and shift public perceptions of the brand’s international name.

Innovation: The project seeks to unlock the magic of technology and localise the customer experience for all of Aotearoa by placing people at the core. In addition to customer satisfaction, performance and commercial data, our team conducted a bespoke emotional research process that revealed the need for users to navigate their experience in a way that best suits their purpose for being in store.

We used the provocation ‘leave your device at the door’ to look beyond the existing retail model – One NZ isn’t just a phone supplier, rather a digital experience creator. In response, the new retail strategy is designed to focus on welcoming, hosting, inspiring and engaging with community and businesses to create brand resonance.

Functionality: The design is fit for a multiple format network of 50+ stores and up to 500 different products. In response, our design approach involved a cohesive kit of parts that could be tailored to respond to the unique requirements of each location. The solution is a bespoke, modular display system that allows ongoing evolution of the space.

The project also focuses on how the One NZ people serve their customers. We incorporated semi-private work pods to localise digital customer services, included secure front of house product storage, and removed barriers to service through open planning and accessible point of sales.

Creativity: Our creative approach was to create two distinctive zones – visually embodying the identity of an innovative and forward-looking Aotearoa. The Social Lounge is a calm and welcoming area for personal service, diagnosis, problem solving, education and activation. A space that instils confidence and brings face-to-face interaction to the forefront. The Capsule is the ultimate tech cave, filled to the brim with devices to touch, interact with and purchase. A vivid and memorable experience with a raw and industrial look and feel.

There was a leap of faith moment with our client when considering brand presence. Instead of relying on the conventional brand-coloured retail networks of the past, we chose a confident design language that plays with materiality and form to create a new manifestation of brand. A dynamic screen collage rotates through brand stories and local community activations.

Value of design: Tailored for different economic zones, the design ensures inclusivity and access for all. A hyper-local lens allows people to see and be seen, to share knowledge and feel a part of the One NZ experience. Inviting community in to learn how technology can enhance their lives, and the inclusion of in-store digital services supports local regional employment. Our design encompasses longevity and strength of material through circular design. Robust materials such as steel and recycled Rimu can be reconstructed and re-used for years to come.