THE LENNON PROJECT . 3 Huffer House - Britomart

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Sam Lennon
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Member
    Duncan Thomas
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    Steve Dunstan
  • Client

The Huffer house In Britomart is the first of many stores to be rolled out by the brand and adopt the ‘House’ concept.
The House concept was developed to be an inviting and sociable space with an open-door policy for the wider community. A place not only for shopping, but a place to hang out and contribute.

The layout is loosely based on a typical house, Having its kitchen at its heart and having a social space (living room) and bedrooms where capsule collections could be individually showcased.

The store is located in the Buckland building in Britomart. The Buckland building is one of Auckland oldest historic buildings and was refurbished and upgraded as part of the Hotel Britomart project.

The yellow desk (kitchen) sits at the heart of the store. The color yellow is nationally associated with mental health of which the brand places huge importance on.
Whilst the yellow desk does function as a counter it doesn't appear as a counter. It references an old cutting table commonly used in the production of fashion garments. It house’s a coffee machine, fridge, seating and is equipped with data and audio connections. It is a place to meet friends and converse over a coffee, and a place for the brand to hold community events from.

The bedrooms are represented with light boxes on the floor with suspended hanging grids over, showcasing the brand's offerings. There are central sofas (living room) for further socialising and to take some time out if needed. There is a community board for all to contribute on and a deconstructed video wall to tell the brand's story.

Aesthetically we strived to showcase the historic character of the building and compliment it with contrasting modern materials & finishes. We have used an eclectic mix of modern and vintage furniture and lighting throughout.