Spacebar Design 2 Henry's family home

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Anson Kong, Tim Lee
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Directors
    Anson Kong, Tim Lee
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Anson Kong, Tim Lee

With parents, children, and grandparents all under one roof, Henry desired a well suited kitchen space to cater for his multi-generational household. His intention was to have a large open plan living area with the kitchen being the main focal point of the space. Situated in the heart of Titirangi, Auckland, this new build is surrounded by large native trees and has an abundance of natural lighting, which is what drew Henry to this location. Being able to bring those natural elements into the house was important to him, along with expressing his style and interest in modern design.

With the importance of communal living and eating, Henry had to compromise with a smaller master ensuite which backs on to the living area. However, this gave an opportunity to create a calm and private space for Henry and his wife to escape to.
Using a combination of natural and composite materials to replicate the warm earthy tones from the outdoors, we were able to create a bold kitchen space that celebrated the materials through a modern aesthetic, and at the same time, create a personal, quiet space in the master ensuite with the same design language.

The center of the kitchen is dressed in matte black plywood to emphasize the main area to prep, cook, and clean. All while being encased by monolithic cabinets wrapped in walnut veneer plywood to help pull focus to the center. The matte black cabinetry and appliances give a deeper colour to the walnut, which changes in different lighting, while also breaking up the complexity of the wood grain.
The 6 meter wide wall span and high ceiling gave us the opportunity to go big and bold with the design. Large panelling and cabinetry were used to create depth and layering to the space. Minimal hardware is visible to not add any unnecessary elements. The thick stone benchtop connected to the kitchen island creates separation to the different uses for the workspace, while adding to the layering effect of the cabinetry..
In contrast to the kitchen, the ensuite was designed to create a quiet and relaxing environment in a small space using the same materials and colours. While the large stone tiles can feel cold, the walnut and matte black combination of the vanity brings warmth to the space, and the diffused natural lighting is more than welcoming.

These two spaces serve very different purposes but are both vital spaces in the household. From loud, busy, communal, to calm, quiet and personal, we were able to connect these 2 spaces through the use of materials and colours, and create a sense of harmony for Henry and his family.