Space Studio 13 eCubed Two Barns, Cardrona

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Vee Kessner, Mark Kessner
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Monique Enoka-Davidson, Remy Smit, Christine Talbot

At the heart of this brief was the client’s desire to create a relaxed lodge for the family to gather with friends. Two simple barns form the residence. Nestled into the hillside in the historic Cardrona Valley, the brief was to create a journey through the home from the exterior/interior entry “lean-to” to living space and intimate accommodation areas.

The aesthetic was to follow a relaxed, textural barn inspired aesthetic rather than a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic Lighting was to be carefully considered and integrated into all design elements, in some cases as a feature and in other cases providing subtle but focussed illumination of key elements. Key pieces from the client’s collections were to be considered.

The concept was of two barns connected by a “lean-to” structure. To expand on this the external cladding continues internally with local Clutha quarry stone floors and corrugated iron to the ceiling. The cedar of the external shutters and entry door is continued to the entrance joinery.

Incorporating local Clutha stone and schist with oak floors gives a warmth and textured grounding to the space. The living area walls are plastered and tonal reflecting the traditional finishes prevalent in the valley. Anchored at one end, the large cathedral window captures the view to the hills. Light falls across textured walls. Expressed beam structures conceal track lighting with the bottom chord to support careful highlighted areas.

Set against the textured plastered walls, the joinery and schist fireplace required careful consideration of scale within the vast space. The living area supports lounging on the window seat or nestling into the fireplace. The overall space is planned to provide distinct yet connected areas for relaxing in the living area and gathering in and around the kitchen.

Integrated appliances and air conditioning within the cabinetry allow the joinery to sit elegantly, yet simply within the living area. A leathered Negresco stone provides a tactile feel to the kitchen areas alongside stained oak veneers. A jewel cocktail cabinet along with bar fridges are integrated into the cabinetry.

The two barns are distinct and reflect the difference in use, responding to the client’s desire for a sense of discovery through the spaces. The journey through the accommodation areas, provides moments of interest and differentiation.

Carefully detailed board and batten integrating lighting and artwork, gives was to a timber clad bunk room and hidden stairway. This leads to the master bedroom and media room. Lighting, furnishings, and fittings from the clients’ travels and carefully curated into all the spaces. The master bedroom provides a quiet, rich space to escape to with deep jewel tones.

Bathrooms incorporate textured tile detailed around the sanitaryware. Custom vanities with leathered stone and carefully designed lighting support soft wayfinding light at night and mood or full lighting if required.

Implementing and integrating client found items, artwork and an eclectic approach to lighting required careful consideration and understanding of varying scale through the spaces.