Pac Studio 3 Eden View House

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Sarosh Mulla, Aaron Paterson
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Steven Lloyd, Liz Tjahjana, Eric Abba, Rory Kofoed, Mat Reid, Bhavina Patel, Fritha Hobbs, Jess Sodo
  • Client
    Barbara O'Shaughnessy

In compact spaces colour and texture take on greater significance. The reworking of a tired and dated townhouse kitchen and bathroom was also an opportunity to continue our research into colour: How it defines identity, delineates space, affects mood and atmosphere. Here, the bathroom could signal the start of a fresh and sunny day; the kitchen could provide a calming and quiet place to cook in the evening and close the day with a cup of coffee.
The new owner saw the potential of the kitchen and bathroom. We worked together to introduce natural light and create spaces with distinct moods.
We knew the architectural tone would be contemporary. But we also thought about those evergreen architectural experiences – compact floor areas made more generous with high ceilings; the ability to throw open a French door and pick fresh herbs.
The starting point was the rearrangement of space for efficiency. The relocated laundry freed up space for an additional guest bathroom. Lifting the ceiling height in the bathroom transformed the sense of space. New doors from the kitchen connect with a lovely herb garden and bring in natural light.
The scale of the project allowed for rigorous consideration of the elements in each space. The exploration into crafted details can be seen in the hardware – custom-designed, it is crafted from salvaged Pohutukawa, which has been hand-turned and fitted to brass. They are lovely to use, they also feel wonderful in your hand.
The overarching aim was to create two distinct spatial experiences – using colour and texture as a counterpoint to the home’s more neutral rooms. A ‘pleated’ kitchen tile was selected for warmth and the way that it captures the light when it falls across its surface. The fresh yellow of the bathroom was carefully matched to a terrazzo tile with a yellow gold fleck of crushed shell. Both feel light and bright even on the most cloudy day.