Lloyd Hartley Architects Studio Brick Architects Hill to Horizon House

  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Directors
    Jeremy Brick, Mike Hartley, Ben Lloyd
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    David Straight - Photographer
  • Client
    Nancy van der Laan + Marty Brick

Otama - Hill to Horizon House: a wee sonnet.

Champagne gold and pastel purples; sunrise and sunsets shape the scene for this blended family home.
There are curated outlooks and joyful vignettes.
It’s grounded with plaster and dressed in a subtle timber tone.

This home is dashing,
and there’s room for all.
There’s room for dancing,
and there’s room to mingle and sprawl.

But this home is delicate, this home is enduring.
There are pockets of privacy and moments of retreat.
The thresholds are soft and the bathrooms alluring.
It’s also comfy for two, for those who wish to be discrete.

Happy clients
happy hour’s now on the deck


Hill to Horizon house explores retreat and openness, gracefully unfolding between retired paddock and coastline. Beneath a pleated and folded form, it is a house that strives to balance tensions: intense light and dark, intimacy and expanse; versatility and connection.

Formally modelled with a mannered response to the surrounding neighbourhood, this holiday house fits easily into its coastal and rural setting.

The stained cedar upper cladding changes colour with the light and lends a subtle presence to the exterior. The well-appointed and comfortable interior and outdoor living spaces ably cater for a couple or a holiday crowd.

Both restful and lively, a house of many moods.