KANAT Studio 2 Kimiora Apartment

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Kate Pilot, Natalia Glucina
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Kate Pilot
  • Client
    Crystal Asher & Kaelin McCowan

The Clients acquired this 2-bedroom apartment to use as their city pad and an airbnb. As purchased, the apartment interior was modern but sterile with white surfaces dominating throughout and unremarkable fixtures.

The brief was to reimagine the space with a warm inviting atmosphere which includes colour. And to create a strong division between dining and lounge spaces within the open-plan living without the use of solid walls.

Client: “We don’t want an un-personal hotel-like apartment, we want personality and something that feels homely yet is an invigorating city pad.”

Consideration was placed on how to introduce bold colours into the spaces. With natural light coming from either end of the narrow apartment we did not want to compromise ambient light levels but still wanted to create impact.
The ceiling is a strong spatial element of its own with the decision to use a Terracotta hue throughout the living spaces. The warm cast creates an intimate feel, and the white walls work as a gallery like backdrop for the clients photography, which features throughout and also informed the overall design concept and finishing palette.
Within the kitchen/dining/lounge space, custom open shelving is integral in creating the rooms within the room and is built as part of the, also custom, dining bench seat. A layering of details of varying scales (from leather cushion tabs to the blue stain dining table) and interplay with the open shelving, provides “personality” and an “invigorating” feel so much desired by the client. The re-furbished timber table offers a unique element that further plays with the use of colour, materiality and form language through it’s blue stain, visible woodgrain and rounded shape.

The hallway originally included a long desk within the recess. This area was utilised to its fullest with a custom-made unit with drop down desk, seating nook and additional storage. Capitalising on multi-functionality this has become a key space with the small footprint of the apartment.

The Master Bedroom became a restorative space with a built-in headboard that provides the focal point, texture and shelving opportunity. The lighting and bedding selections echo playful and relaxed design found in elsewhere within the apartment.
An energetic space for the teen bedroom was requested with tribute to the teen’s favourite artist. The wall covering is a custom print with adhesive backing allowing it to be removed and reused elsewhere should a more conservative aesthetic be required. Furniture, bedding, disco ball and a feature daisy neon wall light all play into the atmosphere and lively nature of this room.