Edwards White Architects Limited 10 Raglan Rest

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Brian White, Harry Croucher
  • Client
    Oliver and Michelle Pearson

This site on the foothills of Karioi presents a dichotomy of challenge and opportunity. The expansive outlook over the rolling green of Rangitahi Peninsula towards Raglan township and harbour draw out the inquisitor and explorer, while the exposure of the build platform demands the provision of shelter. The immense and open landscape informs a robust formal response, and its climatic condition requires an architecture that is willing to offer refuge and protection.

The sense of the sites’ exposure is heightened on approach by dark blank faces, interrupted only by a singular cut in the pure form. The entry plinth and overhang possess scale to reply to the big landscape they occupy. Once the threshold of the entry has been traversed, the hospitable warm tones of the interior envelop and the house opens itself up, revealing the views and offering tranquil space for family life. The experience of transitions between public and private, in and out, has been curated by manipulating the land. The stepped elevated entry contrasts the dissolved transitions from lounge to deck to lawn.

Fulfilling its role as a sculptural object and a dwelt space, this building aspires to both honour and contest the intensity of the encompassing landscape.