Fabric 6 F3 Design 4 14 Walker Street Offices

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Mitchell Coll, Pippin Wright-Stow
  • Client
    Pippin Wright-Stow and Mitchell Coll

With the change of times, outcast office workers are seeking less conventional working spaces - something different from the typically rigid high end office fitout. The brief for this project was to offer a relaxed co-working space with more privacy than other examples, while still maintaining the benefits of a collaborative creative space, such as liveliness, networking, and an ease for business expansion. By catering to a variety of working styles, this shared facility strives to cultivate a rich atmosphere of ingenuity and resourcefulness.

The challenge within this brief was to achieve this objective in the most sustainable, low carbon and cost effective way possible, while still providing a healthy and comfortable space for the users.
The building was an existing mechanic’s workshop, originally built in the 1960s and used as such throughout its life. It was sold ‘as is’, including the car hoists and a healthy amount of grime. The spatial planning of the renovation was driven by the location of the existing hoists. Glass houses have been positioned where cars were likely to have been parked when the building was in its original use.

The performance of the building has been upgraded with a new high insulation roofing and energy efficient heating. Structural, fire safety, and accessibility upgrades have also been incorporated into the renovation.