Jasmax 73 Auckland University of Technology Mana Hauora Building

Public and Institutional Spaces 2017 Credits
  • Creative Director
    Chris Scott
  • Design Director
    Mary Henry
  • Team Members
    Gary Cooke, Jim Foote, Richard Harris, Mary Henry, Joseph Muir, Ong Ching Kang, Gabriela Kopacikova, Mark Sayegh, Chris Scott, Sam Skogstad, Giacomo Cherchi, Sue Chung, Judy Court, Hunter Gillies, Emma Jepson, Paul Lelieveld, Madeleine Racz, Bernie Ranum, Jitendra Sami, Angie Wang
  • Contributors
    BECA, Rider Levett Bucknall, Hargrave Project Management, Marshall Day
  • Client
    AUT University
Judge's comments:

A well resolved design that celebrates new learning styles bringing life to vast spaces. The design embraces breakout and learning areas seamlessly. A simple idea delivering a rich effect with the movement of the blades creating angled light effects. Competent and considered yet playful.