Isthmus Group 13 Stevens Lawson Architects 2 Freyberg Place and Ellen Melville Centre

Public and Institutional Spaces 2018 Credits
  • Creative Directors
    David Irwin (Isthmus Group), Nicholas Stevens (Stevens Lawson Architects), John Reynolds (Artist)
  • Design Directors
    Sarah Bishop (Lead Landscape Architect), Yvette Overdyck (Lead Architect)
  • Team Members
    Lisa Spasic (Client Project Leader), Travis Wooller (Landscape Architect), Karina Mascarenhas (Project Manager), Elspeth Gray (Architect), Travis Wooller (Landscape Architect), Les Lewer (QS), Mark Bramley (Engineer to Contract), Rodrigo Salas (Civil Engineer), James Ring (Principal Civil Engineer), David Saechao (Structural Engineer), Mark Kessner (Electrical and Mechanical) Services Engineer), Nathan Farrant (Contract Manager), Tony Munro (Site Manager - Freyberg Place), Aaron Hansen (Site Manager - Ellen Melville Centre), Vanya Tosa (Site Supervisor), Cherie Armer (Stakeholder Manager)
  • Contributors
    Lisa Reihana, Graham Tipene (Iwi Artist), Antony Matthews (Conservation Architect), John Brown (Archaeologist and Heritage Specialist)
  • Client
    Auckland Council