Outline Design 2 Saint Kentigern’s Specialist Facility and Boy’s School

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Victoria Wilkes
  • Client
    Saint Kentigern's Boys School

We were challenged to select interiors finishes along with the specification of furniture and fittings for this state-of-the-art new Specialist Facility and Senior Boys School located at the Shore Road campus of Saint Kentigern. The new building consists of three floors combining student classrooms and dedicated spaces for arts, science and music covering 5,250sqm.

Our scope of design and delivery included interiors finishes for all hard and soft fitout elements, furniture and fittings, feature lighting and graphics.

The design intent uses colour saturation to drive the materials palette and finishes selections. The selected tones were inspired by the Saint Kentigern House colours which stem from their Scottish Heritage. The design created an engaging environment with adaptable furniture solutions, incorporating a colour palette that supports different learning needs.

Furniture selection was integral to creating learning environments that are mahi tahi. The seating scenarios needed to support students in group tasks, individual learning, co-operative learning, and flexibility to ensure classrooms were used efficiently.

Finishes selections are durable with Crypton fabrics and NZ wools featuring to ensure a timelessness and practical solution.

Within the science block there was the addition of a unique life-sized periodic table. The unit was designed to encourage a sense of curiosity and connection to what is being taught in class. Each element is encased and back lit with informative text to make an interactive learning environment.

Graphical devices enhance the school values of Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Love and are depicted in both Māori and English.

Kaitiakitanga was considered with the use of graphics highlighting the importance of recycling and sustainability in the recycle nooks.

Interior design selections including lighting, flooring, wall finishes and colour were selected based on their ability to provide collaboration, flexibility, engagement and create connection to the biophilic objective. This enabled the students to participate in their learning.

To achieve optimum spatial requirements, the furniture layouts for each learning space are designed to be adaptable and flexible. Integrating furniture selections that are both durable and moveable encourages teachers and students to engage with the space and create an environment that suits their needs.

With any education centre noise management and atmosphere, plays a large part in the success of the design. Sourcing from a range of different suppliers we were able to use seating, and wall coverings to help achieve optimum noise levels that suit different learning needs.

The Specialist Facility and Senior Boys School successfully answered the brief by using forward-thinking design, creating collaborative environments, unique breakout spaces, adaptable furniture solutions with material selections that are hardwearing in a heavy-use environment, and thoughtful furniture selections that allow the spaces to be flexible and adaptable for future requirements. This project is designed to last and to be enjoyed by students and the school faculty for many years to come.