Unispace 19 Unispace ServiceNow Office, Melbourne

Offices & Workplace Environments 2021 Credits
  • Creative Director
    Julie Watts
  • Design Director
    Lauren Wright
  • Team Members
    Stephanie Ambrose, Josh Billington
  • Client

With a rapidly growing workforce, this innovative software company needed a future-proofed workspace; one that would facilitate current headcount needs whilst accommodating opportunities for expansion.

Having delivered multiple projects around the world, the client had a global space formula to deliver the same great experience to every employee, no matter where they reside. This provided a solid foundation to develop a planning scheme that met the universal business requirements for space, whilst distributing amenity to best suit specific local needs.

An impending lease expiry allowed the client to take advantage of the opportunity to relocate to a prominent new building in the CBD, building on their strong portfolio of workplaces around the world. The aim of the project was to create a space reflective of the brand, that also connected employees to Melbourne. The new workspace would cater to future growth and reflect company values.

The space planning took reference from Melbourne’s Hoddle Grid which forms the basis of the City’s urban planning. Like the City, the planning concept comprised of a Town Square space acting as a focal meeting point connecting people both horizontally and vertically across the two floors. Standardised modules allow for easy transformation of spaces in the future, whilst sculptural ‘landmarks’ provide a visual language that connects the front and back of house areas.

The new workspace has a strong sense of place, connecting staff and customers to Melbourne through the layout, design, finishes and bespoke elements and artworks. A combination of timber and black metal work combined with exposed ceilings and reclaimed brick give a modern industrial feel synonymous to its host city. Comfortable furniture, subtle colour gradients to define zones, and the inclusion of bespoke art provide softness and playfulness to the linear architectural built space.

To further connect the people to their local context, we included furniture from Melbourne suppliers, as well as two murals painted by local artists. The break-out area features a large-scale coffee cup painted on exposed brick, a nod to Melbourne’s coffee culture, while an informal collaboration space features a hand-painted mural of key Melbourne landmarks.

It was also important that the new space be as non-hierarchical and people centric as possible. The idea was that all employees and visitors would have the same fantastic experience of the space, regardless of their position within or connection to the organisation. This is reflective of the client’s corporate values, with all customers receiving the same great experience. This human-centric approach to design was inspired by the client’s people - a diverse, creative and fast-growing team that’s changing how the world works.

Biophilic design principals were considered and integrated holistically within the design process through access to natural light, views and planting, connecting people to the surrounding context and grounding them in the space. Open plan spaces that create connection between teams are balanced by spaces to retreat and reflect, offering an eclectic mix of settings to accommodate the needs of all staff and visitors.