Unispace 19 Unispace QIC, Melbourne

Offices & Workplace Environments 2021 Credits
  • Creative Director
    Julie Watts
  • Design Director
    Paige Horton
  • Team Members
    Glen Riemer, Cameron Easdale, Josh Billington
  • Client
    QIC (Queensland Investment Corporation)

This government-owned investment company works to deliver optimum long-term investment outcomes for their clients. For their Melbourne premises, they sought to design a workplace that aligned with their high level of service and client-focused business ethos.

The new office space was designed to bring disparate teams together. As different offices serve different client groups, it was important that the new space unite not only the employees that work there, but also that it be suitable for all clients they may work with, now and into the future.

Brand is subtly implied through the use of materials and detailing rather than coloured logos and graphics. This makes the space truly universal to each of the client’s business groups, allowing the business to adapt and change over time. The workspace was designed to incorporate residential aspects, alongside more commercial and practical considerations.

All zones of the workspace are designed to be equal, with no preference to work type or location. The many function types are spread over the floor plate to ensure the worker is never too far from a quiet room, meeting room or collaboration space. With staff and visitors coming and going throughout the day, the space accommodates visitor luggage and provides space to touch down within team areas. Custom-made communal desks accommodate visitors within the work area, allowing access to all facilities.

Everything in the space is custom-made to suit the client’s needs, and the space. This includes workstations, architectural layout tables and even the reception desk, which is also heigh adjustable. The building uses a chilled beams mechanical system throughout the floor plate, customised ceilings were designed to ensure design aesthetic was maintained at the same time allowing for adequate ceiling penetrations for the Mechanical system to function.

Finishes are limited to a simple palate, while undulating timber panelling along the entry wall creates a sense of movement, drawing visitors in. The use of warm timbers and calming lights in the workspace help create a relaxing space of refuge for agile staff. The palette is consistent across all spaces, allowing a harmonious journey for users throughout the workplace and reflecting the client’s quality and attention to detail they provide to their customers. High-quality finishes were not only reserved for the client facing areas, but throughout the back of house spaces.

Australian-designed and manufactured elements feature throughout the space, minimising the project’s carbon footprint while giving the interior a strong sense of place. This emphasis on high-quality, local materials creates a beautiful, functional space that will last well into the future.

Sustainability and longevity were big drivers in material and supplier selections for the project, with supporting local Melbourne makers and artists a key focus. It was important to use Australian talent and makers within their space, so we ensured all selections were made with this in mind and concentrated on showcasing this throughout the space.