Stack Interiors 4 Mercedes-Benz

Offices & Workplace Environments 2021 Credits
  • Creative Directors
    Jesse James Smith, Maria De Jesus
  • Design Director
    David Plaistowe
  • Team Member
    Sally Vandal
  • Contributors
    Daryl Howarth, Leon Vaudrey
  • Client

Stack was asked to implement the relocation of Mercedes Benz NZ’s head office. A long-term relationship gave Stack a deeper understanding and an opportunity to support changes within the business. This included the adaptation of new ways of working in agile workplace strategies. Key drivers for Mercedes were to reduce their office footprint and create a new vision in the form of an agile office, assisting the business to work as one team whether in the office or remote.

To support the proposed new ways of working the importance and relevance of the new office were emphasized. Under the new ways of working business teams will have nominated days in the office and other times work remotely. The office became a cultural hub for Mercedes people and a facilitator for greater team synergy and collaboration.

The workplace was designed to provide agile work settings that allow teams to come together to work and collaborate within the office and/or with remote teams. Alternative work settings are provided to support quiet concentrated work, collaboration, digital and in-person meetings. Seamless technology was integral to the workspace to enable the new ways of working.
The conceptual look and feel driver for the office was informed by Mercedes brand positioning, the concept of “The world of modern luxury”. That the Mercedes car is one of precision, elegant materials with defined details with supreme function.

Modern Luxury – timeless beauty, a combination of high-grade technology and craftsmanship. Black and silver were used as Mercedes main brand colours, while complemented with a warm tonal range of natural materials, such as leather, and wood, to give a feeling of being approachable and sophisticated. Modern graphic elements were carefully selected to support the brand identity.

Intelligent – Innovative solutions and digital comfort are seamlessly integrated. Wireless Audio Visual and Internet connectivity helped transform getting A to B into its simplest form. The main goal of NO cables hanging around was successfully achieved. The Café banquette and window leaner joinery were equipped with power and USB chargers for easy access.

Emotional – A welcoming ambiance was created for staff and invited visitors alike, that provides flexibility and consistency with the desired aesthetic. The Mercedes-Benz STAR was placed at the point of entry, mounted on a black feature wall. This wing-like wall with a subtle black texture borrowing Mercedes car aesthetics and detailing. The Café functions sit behind this wall and provide a space for casual meetings, collaboration, and eating. It was positioned to make the most of the views that can be appreciated by all.

The colour and material palette feature concrete tones, blackened steel, leather, and wood, suggesting the luxury of a Mercedes-Benz automobile. The design captivates, fascinates, and provides a unique experience for staff and visitors.