Clark Bardsley Design 16 Work Club Global Sagas - Barrack Place

Offices & Workplace Environments 2021 Credits
  • Creative Director
    Clark Bardsley
  • Design Director
    Clark Bardsley
  • Team Members
    Dominica McGowan, Pernille Jensen, Soren Trampedach
  • Contributor
    Faculty Shopfitting
  • Client
    Work Club Global

Sagas (131m2)
Barrack Place, Sydney, Australia

Workplace and retail are blurred in this atmospheric space for workplace operators Work Club Global.

Work Club leases office space in the Barrack Place development by Architectus, and sought to create an informal sanctuary for members in the precinct to meet, focus, and attend events.

This idea was extended into the realm of retail as a way to invite the public in to cross pollinate with members using the space. Visitors are welcomed into a world of crafted objects and curated experiences that promote calm, focus and luxury.

Members can work in the library, meet privately in the boardroom, read beside the fire or just be refreshed and awakened by the transcendent atmosphere and fragrant air to be found in this urban hideaway.

The retail component is used to create a feeling of comfort for people using the space. Staff float in the space instead of sitting at a counter, and welcome people that enter the store as guests, not customers. There is no awkward minimalism, instead loose and eclectic compositions of products are used, in a style closer to one's home than a luxury store. Everything for sale is integrated into the space so it feels in use, rather than on show. Discovery is encouraged - things can be found in drawers or on tables.

Materiality is rich and indulgent, and played off against the industrial qualities of the building shell, which are left exposed. Soaped white Dinesen floor boards support bespoke oiled steel partitioning. Fumed oak and patinated brass joinery frame the spaces.

The experience of using the space awakens the imagination & artist within everyone. The brands represented all tell a story, and are established across different continents, eras & all created with craft spirit. The ambience of the space is built on the same principles. There is
crafted furniture and ambient lighting to match your feelings, attitude and wishes. There is a story for every piece, and nothing is sealed so as to exhibit its experiences, stories and marks.