Novii Du Val Gym

Lighting Design 2021 Credits
  • Design Director
    Monica Barbosa
  • Team Members
    Max Borrell, Benjamin Kamp, Daniel Brown, Elle Nilsson, Alix Abanda, Joe Dawson
  • Client
    Du Val Group

Du Val Gym is a space where design meets functionality. Using fundamental elements like colour and shapes we were able to transform the members experience. Pops of colour throughout the space act as a way finder for members which lead them further into the gym space and also playing an intensive role to create energy. Custom made light fittings take shape in unique patterns that are inspired by the repetitive movements, and creating moments of intensity. While the linear and curved lines in the reception and throughout the main space, deliver a sense of an ongoing journey. Du Val Gym is a space of movement and energy. We have used light to emphasise these fundamental elements to create a unique gym materiality for Du Val Gym members.