enhance light_for architecture New Shoots ECE - Greenhithe

Lighting Design 2021 Credits
  • Design Director
    Aaron Brown
  • Team Member
    Jonathan Foreman
  • Client
    New Shoots ECE

Creating a positive and inspiring journey was at the forefront of the design brief right from the point of arrival through to the interiors and out into the play spaces. The interiors were to always have a connection back to nature staying in tune with the New Shoots’ ethos.

In order to tailor a lighting design that both complimented and stayed true to the overall vision we worked closely with both client and architect. The lighting was to provide both functionality and an aesthetic in accordance with the brief throughout the internal spaces, affording a pathway of discovery for the child.

Three words were given by the Architect: Earth, Nature and Water, which the three buildings were to encapsulate.

First concept was presented initially for building consent until further discussions could be had around material selections on the project.

Once materials were finalised an obstacle arose in that normal installation methods could not be applied. Building and budgetary constraints would not allow penetration of the thermal envelope of each space. Although not an ideal situation it presented an opportunity. The objective evolved from a lighting design that symbolised Earth, Nature and Water into one that took inspiration from the fabrication of nature itself.

Earth: Normal supply of power through the ceiling was not possible therefore we had to remotely locate all power supplies (drivers) in a central location in each building. Then, just like a seed germinating, a root system formed throughout the buildings to feed life into the luminaires.

Nature: Only certain elements of the internal structures were permeable to feed the lighting treatments. Therefore the concept of sprouting the luminaires from available wall cavities into the physical space was implemented – just like a “New Shoot”.

Water: As we had to utilise a continuous lighting system throughout, we wanted to bring the concept of a meandering flow throughout the spaces. As such, just like the stream outside, the light ebbs and flows around the elemental constraints of its environment bringing a stream of light and a playful trail of discovery.

The natural stream outside being bridged from the carpark into the centre allowed the theme to be continued externally as lighting is treated to the handrail of the fencing and bridge.

The constraints of the project led to an approach of organically pushing the lighting forms out of the walls and permeating the various learning spaces. Thus providing both functional lighting and a visual pathway for the toddlers below.

We collaborated with all parties, from Developer through Architect to the Electrical Contractor, yielding a lighting solution that stimulates the visual sense by creating interesting and inspiring spaces through the use of unorthodox and innovative lighting forms. Essentially adding a fourth dimension to the architecture