Creature Post 8 South Island Light Orchestra (SILO) MONOLITH

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Luke Baldock, Lakshman Anandanayagam
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Kim Baldwinson, Tao Mao, Soul Storm Lasers, Michael Hodgson, Silk Design, Fiber Dumortier, Angus Muir Design, Chloe Loftus, Hazweld, Tom Tom Productions, Simon Holden

The Monolith depicts an ancient energy source standing majestically amidst the forest. Its presence emitted frequencies beyond human comprehension, adorned with rocks, vines, and lichen. The structure incorporated a fusion of futuristic electronics and a global mycelial network, creating a symbiotic bond between the synthetic and natural worlds. The Monolith featured a harmonious blend of rough, organic surfaces and sleek, machined contours. Strange text emerged, further enhancing its enigmatic appeal. Alive and vibrant, the surface elements illuminated and periodically revealed a probing light from its upper reaches.

The impact of the Monolith extended beyond its visual and experiential aspects. It served as a gathering place where people from diverse backgrounds could come together, socialise, dance, and celebrate cultural diversity. It ignited artistic expression and creativity.

A visually stunning display seamlessly integrating art and technology, that drew in a large and captivated audience, providing an immersive and memorable experience for tens of thousands of attendees.