Y—6 3 Fable Dunedin

Hospitality 2021 Credits
  • Creative Directors
    Suzanne Lear, Rezharco Doria
  • Design Director
    Suzanne Lear
  • Team Members
    Saila Wang, Hana Stay, Colleen Klein
  • Client
    C.P Group Ltd

Fable Dunedin Hotel is as much a story of renewal as it is heritage. A designer hotel for Dunedin that plays on the combination of history, architecture, experiential design and a legacy for the city of Dunedin.

At every corner and in every view the design has been carefully considered to create long lasting guest and visitor experiences. Based on narrative, we tell the story of the original owners.

The Englishman, the Irishman and the Scotswoman

These are reflected through colour, material, art and light and their subtle influences throughout create the lovely 'why, what, who' questions that are such an important part of a hotel experience.

From near ruin to prohibition, to the national anthem, her rich history is now expressed throughout and a new re-energised chapter begins for the famous Wains Hotel Dunedin.