Designwell 16 AREA Design 6 Weave Eatery

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Alexander Wastney
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Member
    Felicity Zhou
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Alan Deare, Anna Wilkinson
  • Client
    Weave Eatery

From the creators of award-winning Hayes Common comes Weave Eatery - an oasis of calm, freshness and personality servicing the residents of Waikato Innovation Park, a dynamic new business campus in Kirikiriroa Hamilton.

A name with deep and purposeful meaning, Weave makes reference to “the common connecting point; a place where people and businesses can come together to share ideas, connect and mingle.” Making space for these connections became a fundamental consideration and a recurring point of reference throughout our design process.

With Weave’s location as a central meeting point within the co-working site, we designed a range of seating options accommodating the different ways people meet: banquette seating, high tables, a dining table and perching spots for takeaway coffees.
Woven references are made in rich and textured materials throughout the space, such a veined travertine, rough sawn timbers, rattan lighting and upholstery with thickly woven texture. Natural materials and earthy tones create a calming atmosphere and compliment the woven textures, while small colour pops add personality and brand presence.

We had the pleasure of working with the beautiful brand for Weave, created by Area Design. As well as incorporating the striking colour palette throughout the fitout, we designed bespoke furniture that fits the shapes and curves of the workdmark logo. A unique interpretation of brand, the custom designed tables and benches integrate seamlessly into Weave’s identity as a whole.

Arguably the most spectacular part of the Weave fitout is the moody layered archway as a stunning interpretation of the woven motif. Normally a neglected area of an interior fitout, the passage to the toilets at Weave is captivating, unique and clever.
In an uncommon location for a hospitality offering, Weave brings a wide range of people together for meaningful interactions, a refreshing break and incredible food.