CTRL Space 34 Sunset

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Chris Stevens, Sam Griffin
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Sarah Carney

Sunset is a nostalgically flamboyant rooftop bar bringing LA nightlife from the 70’s to Auckland city. A sense of playfulness is expressed though architectural curves and bold colour applications. Salmon pink ceilings, burnt orange upholstery, and chrome detailing lead guests to the panoramic sunset viewed from the plant filled balcony.

The project ambition was to create a truly unique hospitality destination for both a local and international demographic. With one of the best north-western views from the CBD the site offered a platform to engage and excite hospitality enthusiasts and influencers.

Our design response paired the new with the old, trend with timelessness. The concept draws upon influences heralding from the west coast of the U.S, highlighting emerging fashion trends from Los Angeles to anecdotes of a weekend away in Palm Springs.

The concept of curved ceilings was driven by a challenge to maximise ceiling heights while housing large volumes of in ceiling services. Curved transitions between multiple ceiling heights softened the visual appearance of what could have been very jarring features. Curved walls and bar layouts were added to encourage flow and a sense of journey and guests move throughout the interior. A fluid design language is expressed through joinery, banquette seating, wall panelling and feature tables. Through design and environment, complemented by upbeat music and a casual menu we focused on cultivating fun and enjoyment between guests, leaving any rigid behaviour at the front door.

As a part of our design process we collaborated with craftspeople to facilitate custom finishes, joinery, furniture and lighting. Multiple variances of hand applied venetian plaster forms a backdrop to the entire venue, creating ceilings and walls that accept the natural light in unique ways depending on reflectivity. With ambition to pair nostalgic design styles with modern furniture and lighting pieces skilled makers were tasked with constructing products that went against their usual approach.

With summer approaching we anticipate many gorgeous evenings swept with pink and orange skies enjoyed by people who appreciate all things eccentric.