CTRL Space 34 Deli di Bossi

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Chris Stevens, Sam Griffin
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Sarah Carney
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Member
    Georgia Brown

Bossi Deli is a new, family-owned deli located on the ground level of the Pacific Building – the tallest residential building in New Zealand. We were asked to design an interior and exterior space to create “the best authentic Italian deli in downtown Auckland”. The clients, a proud Italian family, wanted the Bossi Deli to showcase their strong cultural ties to traditional and fine Italian food, wine and hospitality.

We had to utilise a small and awkward ground floor tenancy area to create a space that showcased their fine grocery products including meats, cheeses, wines and bread, and create areas for both dining in and take-out. Our brief was to pair the deli and grocery range with dine-in offerings that include coffee, bakery, charcuterie and wine.

We used a combination of physical design and atmospheric details to create a deli space that exudes a traditional and authentic Italian flavour, but at the same time has a contemporary slant that’s rich with character and modern Italian flare.

To showcase the grocery range, we have incorporated a series of fridges and shelves that create a spine stretching from end to end within the space. Counter fridges create beautiful display spaces for cheeses, meats, pasta etc, and the deli slicer is framed by the shopfront. Refined materials, layered detailing and consideration of form introduce a sense of richness and luxury.

We utilised classic and authentic materials that are integral to good Italian design such as Aline leathers, bronze trimmings, Italian stone, richly grained timbers, traditional mosaic tiles, glass and tinted mirrors and olive green tones. Reinterpreting traditional forms and profiling on details such as the ceiling, cabinetry and countertops adds a contemporary twist.

A chain of warm, backlit lightboxes embossed with text add warmth and serve to describe the products on offer.
A seamless transition between outdoor and indoor spaces with a continuous language of materials aims to draw customers deeper into the store.

A mirrored ceiling with integrated lighting reflects products and activities such as the making of food, cheese slicing, creating a sense of theatre. Tinted mirror backing in cabinetry visually extends the space – allowing it to feel larger than it is. A coffee leaner wraps around existing structural building columns, and a banquette in the outdoor area provides physical safety from a car valet service in the adjoining lane.

A strong store colourway draws the eye inside, off the street, and interior joinery extends outside, blurring the line between the two. Concealed concertina doors with recessed tracks and fixing points secure the premises after hours, enhancing the seamless connection between indoors and outside.