CTRL Space 34 Bossi

  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Directors
    Chris Stevens, Sam Griffin, Sarah Carney
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Georgia Brown, Louis Fox
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Ross Lewis, Datum Projects

The Bossi restaurant is extension of Deli di Bossi which opened in 2022 in the adjacent site. The project ambition was to create an authentic Italian dining experience in the heart of downtown, Auckland. The clients are a traditional Italian food-based family with a strong connection to their Nonna, who is the main inspiration behind both venues and whose recipes are seen across the menu. Design-wise, they wanted a luxurious space that would resemble dining in the Bossi family's dining room, with a touch of sophistication.

We were working with a very tight, empty shell measuring over 7m high and presented primality as a retail space with a commercial façade. There was a huge column in the centre of the space that underpinned the 54 levels above which needed to be seamlessly incorporated, and the kitchen was required to service the restaurant and deli - so adequate room was essential for prep and cooking functionality. They also wanted to highlight the theatre of the cooking, so making that a feature was an important aspect.

Spatial planning & volume were critical considerations due to the constraints and opportunities presented by the site. We had to work with the existing layout while providing enough seating to maximise the opportunity. To increase the seating capacity we developed a mezzanine floor which only just met regulations within a 10mm tolerance once all the ceiling services were in like the extraction and ventilation. Not an easy feat. This not only provided seating for 36 more but we were also able to incorporate a luxe private dining area.

The material strategy focused on a brooding palette of rich timbers, plush velvet, and brass accents, with classic Italian marbles and illuminated onyx, adding a touch of opulence to the space. Further traditional cues are featured throughout like the curtained intimate booth settings, wine presentation, hand-applied venetian plaster, patterned carpet, heavy drapery and of course the 12m long hand painted Michelangelo inspired mural.

Collaborations between the client, designers, and contractors were essential to ensure the project was delivered to brief within budget and on time.
The design team paid close attention to refined detailing, highlighting the fine craftsmanship established throughout the project. They also added playful elements like golden cherub coat hooks, drama with the 2 storey wine cabinet and visible pasta drying racks along with special family moments featuring framed pictures of the Nonna and family to create a welcoming environment.