Van Brandenburg nu Yoga Studio

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Damien Van Brandenburg, Ashleigh Van Brandenburg
  • Client
    Sandy Fischer

Nu yoga studio was born through the idea that rest, breath and movement need to be an everyday tool for modern society, a tool for one’s wellbeing and longevity.
Located in the warehouse precinct of Dunedin, nu yoga studio’s reviving character is an amalgamation of old and new.
The front door welcomes you with an ebony-stained solid wood door showcasing the brass yin yang aesthetics of the studio branding, accompanied by a roughly cast Nikau leaf door handle, referencing nature and its grounding properties. The handle’s polished high point’s link to the brass materiality of the branding.
Light-reflecting plastered walls entice you towards an oversized reception table that mirrors the appearance of the front door and the custom cabinetry throughout the lounge and changing rooms. The artisanally crafted objects that catch your attention throughout the studio are clad in rich matte black and copper lustre glazes to cast a contrast with the original heritage stone and red bricks.
The lounge space creates a place to connect with others, with the use of eucalyptus green velvet daybeds and ottomans, counterbalancing the moody black and copper pendants and recessed ceiling lighting, altering the atmosphere throughout the course of the day.
The original kauri floors, red brick walls and mudstone blocks of the yoga studio still remain and with the use of Resene’s Marrakesh plaster and a wax finish, this space becomes a much-needed oasis for everyday practice.
As the studio fills with students for early sun salutations, the energy of the people and a sense of place is entirely what this space was created for.