Totem Studio Architects Pacific Radiology Wakefield Hosp.

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Ian Cattoen-Gilbert
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Ian Cattoen-Gilbert
  • Client
    Pacific Radiology Group Ltd

Totem Studio were privileged to partner with PRG in this brand new flagship branch for Wellington . We tested each potential location for how their high tech systems might be set out and workflow maximized and in some cases investigated potential refurbishing of the basebuild structure of some potential locations. The redevelopment of Wakefield Hospital was chosen providing the opportunity for Pacific Radiology to relocate from their long established but well worn tenancy space into a brand new fit out, within the new hospital building. The new branch was to provide, Ultrasound, X-ray, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, CT and MRI services, whilst also presenting a calm uplifting and memorable patient experience.

Partially below ground, the space provided was long and narrow with a stair well and multiple columns challenging us to provide efficient work flow proximities, with required bed routes and large modality spaces. The procedural, staff and support spaces are precisely located in a carefully mapped out locational proximity and measured to the cm - made possible by the separate a back of house & front of house circulation routes with various crossovers and inter connections. The dual route system was a must for efficient performance, but physically challenging is a narrow tenancy.

As a private healthcare service provider Pacific Radiology expect a tangible level of atmospheric quality and patient experience. The physical and mental health and wellbeing of visitors is central to the atmosphere we create in the contemporary high-quality spaces & unique character environments we have established for the client. Patients may frequently arrive anxious, angry or frightened as a response to their present health concerns, therefore the interior architectural design we provide for their staff and patients is light and open. Visual imagery and motifs are deliberately familiar and therefore the space becomes intuitively safe.

The patient waiting spaces are visually interesting and engaging, whilst calming and light in what was originally a confined underground space. Design concepts for the wood panelling and other iconography were inspired from the local Maori artists as well as a sense of NZ, Pacific and Wellington iconography, playing on woven forms and the wind and waves of the harbour city. Both the feature timber walls and ceiling elements along with backlit wall and ceiling picture panels (which also engage with local and regional imagery) catch the eye and provide distraction and visual relief within a tenancy some 2m below ground level, to the otherwise concerned patients and family. Full height quiet stud, acoustic batts, and noise line gib provide essential privacy along with challenges in a crowded ceiling space.

The softer tones of maple timbers provide friendliness and warmth and the attention to design detail imbues a level of quality and care in the design that represents the quality of care they provide their patients. Tones of PRG purple brand colour in the wood, acoustic panels, wall coverings and fabrics are used strategically providing a friendly cohesive pallet through the branch that’s not overly commercial.