Semi Creative Antoun | Nichols Orthodontics

Healthcare & Wellbeing 2021 Credits
  • Creative Director
    James Irvine
  • Design Director
    James Irvine

After a search that lasted nearly 5 years, our clients stumbled across the perfect building in the perfect location. Previously home to a strikingly dark, dimly Japanese Restaurant, this 1900’s weatherboard villa was set for another dramatic transformation. A light, minimalistic Orthodontic Practice.

The client's brief was relatively simple: Create a series of spaces that are cosy and approachable, light and clean without being sterile. The interior needed to showcase a modern aesthetic, whilst respecting the character of the original villa.

Well aware that a portion of their clientele (terrified children) aren’t desperate to attend every appointment, it was crucial that each of these spaces created a sense of calm and relaxation. Unlike a typical medical practice, there are no forgotten laminated posters on the walls or an eclectic mix of cheap plastic chairs in the waiting room.

The client's passion for modernist design was present in every conversation, “Less is More” was the phrase in which every meeting ended. Efficiencies were sought through numerous design solutions resulting in highly functional yet low maintenance spaces.

Small pops of colour from the client’s brand are used to bring in a playfulness attractive to the younger clientele without deterring from the high end fitout and other design principles.

In the waiting room, a rotating selection of high quality books, magazines and comfortable seating aim to transport parents to a familiar ‘living room’ space, while iPad stations with endless games are situated away to keep nervous children out of their parents' hair.

In the surgeries, every benchtop object from wire racks to instrument holders were meticulously designed & prototyped to improve micro efficiencies across treatments. Dozens of potential plans were laid out in masking tape, until the perfect formula was ascertained.

It was crucial to the client that every other room, from the lab to sterilising, showcased an equal degree of design and thought as the client-facing areas. Each space reflects this through a high level of functionality and ease of use.