Jose Gutierrez Ltd 19 Milk Orthodontics

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    José Gutiérrez
  • Client
    Shaz MacAvoy

The client had leased a space for their expanding Orthodontic business in Newmarket, Auckland and was seeking to create an aesthetic for their new clinic that stretched beyond conventional ideas for Orthodontic clinical care.
Our response was to design a space with ‘tongue and cheek’ like references to the practises and materials used for orthodontic care. The reception walls softly curve and are encased in floor to ceiling white battens, imitating the linear striations of a toothbrush. The clinical ‘white’ associated with dentistry is softened, the front desk is porcelain-like yet is also softened through the glowing practice signage that emits from within the stone. Bright yellow accents from the desktop computers add dynamism. The striated battens and yellow tech-hardware appear consistently throughout the design, from the reception through to the consultation and treatment areas. The openness of the treatment space is an unusual layout for an orthodontic clinic in New Zealand, yet serves to strip away anxiety and normalise the process of receiving treatment.
The entire treatment space is envisaged as an open mouth, acoustic panels suspended from the ceiling provide necessary sound buffering, while their form is crafted to resemble teeth, further referenced by the glowing white light boxes. White vertical battens wrap around the walls, creating a screen for the sterilisation work area. The orthodontic equipment is shielded between the light boxes, and soft sheer white curtains cover the glass frontage, providing privacy while allowing in diffused natural light. Natural light is harnessed to evoke an emotive response of calm and wellness and was prioritised in the design. The neon signage at the front of the clinic was continued across the glass frontage, a nod towards braces and the high-tech nature of orthodontic practice and research.
The sleek and playful design for the clinic serves to testify and reaffirm Milk Orthodontics as an innovative and leading practice for orthodontic care, providing current state-of-the-art treatments in a unique yet comfortable environment.