Unlabelled Studios 2 Blink 2 The Magic Mail Machine

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Jessica Mentis, Rebecca Paul, Kayla Jurlina, Asher Walker
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Blink, Rollercoaster, Negative Space, Scott Davis
  • Client
    Commercial Bay
Judge's comments:

A wonderfully a fun and inventive way of celebrating Christmas for families and children. Light, energy and a tactile sense of play are wonderfully woven into this piece of public art that captures the imagination of Adults and children alike.


There’s a special secret we now can share
About a strange machine once buried here
It was discovered during excavations
This device exceeds all expectations

When Commercial Bay was being built
And the diggers were digging in the silt
An odd contraption was revealed
In a chamber where it was sealed

Who made this thing, who hid it there?
The old Post Office across the Square?
Hard to say, we wish we knew
And what exactly did this thing do?

Expert technicians from around the land
Installed the upgrades they had planned
With computer chips and new hard drive
The old device it came alive!

Now it’s working again, never run better
It’s the very best way to send Santa a letter
We’d found a Magic Mail Machine down that hole
With a direct connection to North Pole

Santa’s so pleased to be reconnected
He’s been missing your letters as we suspected
So his Magic Mail Machine will reappear
Each Christmas time of every year