Atelier I-N-D-J 5 EQS

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Ian Douglas-Jones
  • Pou Rautaki / Strategic Lead
    Sabrina Douglas-Jones, Etienne Chen
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Deacan Tee, YiYuan, YuanYi, Laura Polvara
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    GMUNK Bradley G Munkowitz, Claire Chong, Etienne Chen
  • Client

A beautiful pavilion for the new EQS by Mercedes-EQ. An experiential journey capturing the essence of the future of luxury electric vehicles in a roadshow that tours ten major cities across China.

Designed to evoke the signature one-bow lines of the new EQS our pavilion strikes a simple elegant pose. Behind the simple form lies a layering of materiality to convey a sense of dynamic, technology and luxury.

Beneath the apparent simplicity is a masterstroke in design, content, logistics, sustainability, coordination and construction. With world class production and curation the 2021 EQS Roadshow has seen the collaboration of a large team of international experts to bring this vision to reality.

The first visitor experience is the ‘vision space’, a darkened space with wall to wall dynamic content. Visitors are led into the encounter space with content and lighting that brings the car from the darkness into light allowing visitors to physically engage with the new vehicle.

Light, shadow, drama, and intrigue. In a nod to the natural world, we utilized the 3 point Mercedes-EQ star in a phyllotaxis arrangement, a pattern present in many forms in nature.

The places available for the encounter space within are somewhat limited and exclusive, thus at periodic intervals the pavilion itself transforms from inward looking space to dramatic outward public facing. Animations build across the translucent face, large wall rotates revealing haze and laser light show, the car bathed in content from behind as the kinetic veil moves aside dramatically revealing the car to the outside public facing space. In a final crescendo a large mirror lowers from the ceiling space reflecting the cars attractive roof lines and reflecting the signature star motif of Mercedes-EQ. The star pattern arrangement is of particular significance as we defined a phyllotaxis spiral pattern, a pattern present in many natural forms - this is a gentle nod to the environment as Mercedes sets forth ambitions for sustainable luxury electric vehicles.

From the outset, the pavilion has been designed with its purpose and intent in mind, touring China in a short time schedule displaying the virtues of the new EQS to visitors eager to see Mercedes EQ vison of the future luxury EV. With the tour in mind and the sustainable credentials, we designed a pavilion that would uphold those values.

REDEPLOY: We designed a modular kit of repeatable parts that are redeployed in each location, assembled components with high reusability, no wastage for each stop on the 2021 EQS roadshow.

REDUCE: A lightweight steel structure with as little material as possible to still convey the sense of luxury. Less material means less trucks transporting to each destination on the tour.

REUSE: rented lighting, audio, computer systems, climate control, and LED panel lighting used extensively and where possible, so at the close of the event the objects will see another use in another place in another form.

RECYCLE: 90% of the pavilion can be recycled at the close of the event: core materials including steel, glass, and timber each highly recyclable.