Atelier I-N-D-J 5 BENTLEY

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Ian Douglas-Jones
  • Pou Rautaki / Strategic Lead
    Sabrina Douglas-Jones
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Luke Lin
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Luke Lin, Laura Polvara, Yuan Yi, Yi Yuan, Johnson Xu, Vasily Betin
  • Client
    Bentley Motors China

A new design language and presence for BENTLEY Motors across the auto shows in China.

Swept back wings flank a broad and welcoming pavilion, soft reminders of BENTLEY's famous Flying B, these two forms are far left and right of the pavilion and connect with a gentle curve, a frame containing a dynamic screen displaying the latest digital content: The BENTLEY 'Matrix Grill' - a signature design element present on BENTLEY Motor Cars.

Arrayed on the front of the stand are 5 BENTLEY models - beautifully lit and highlighted by strips of light on the ceiling that draw the viewer's eye towards the heart of the pavilion. The 2023 Auto Show welcomes 20 years of the GT, a 1/1 limited edition for the China market. We carefully choreographed the booth design to accommodate this reveal.

The wings and central screen contain a dramatic surprise; motorized screen walls sweep back to theatrically reveal a car behind, sat in the Mulliner space the car to be revealed is cosseted by a 6m high wrap-around wall that is formed with over 676 pressed aluminum panels that when read as a whole create a matrix grid of diamond forms.

As a static surface, these panels further contain the embedded diamond motif as a shift in scale denotes further attention to detail. Yet, the panels are not static - they ripple and move as 338 motors actuate the panels to open and close creating dynamic mesmerizing patterns across the length and breadth of the walls' surface. The animations play with light and shadow to dramatic effect, as they open and close in synchronicity. LIDAR sensors at the base of the artwork allow visitors to interact with the piece, their movements superimposed as ‘linear digital shadows’ across the artwork.

This Kinetic ART Wall not only in quality and aesthetics represents the luxury and attention to detail that is the BENTLEY Motors brand, but also alludes to the future facing direction as BENTLEY further embellishes the marque with the best in future and sustainable technology as its vision 100 is enacted. This is a dynamic work of art that captures the BENTLEY spirit.

The embedded diamond brand signature appears in the meeting rooms on the ground floor as well as the lounge and further VIP meeting rooms on the level above, complimented by BENTLEY Home furnishings the accommodation is luxury at its finest.

A dramatic bridge connects the VIP meeting rooms to the lounge affording guests a dramatic view of the Mulliner area and the kinetic art wall. Selected items from the BENTLEY Home collection by 'Luxury Living' furnish the guest rooms and complete the overall luxury intent, comfortable accommodation to welcome guests, partners, and the dealer network as well as sales negotiations and the Mulliner configuration experience.

Read as a total composition the BENTLEY Pavilion demonstrates a proportion of potency, with elements in harmony that coalesce with a curated guest journey to inspire.