Assembly 47 Colenso BBDO 52 Vector Lights

Exhibition & Temporary Structures 2018 Credits
  • Design Director
    Jonny Kofoed
  • Team Members
    Clare Bone, Ben Buchanan, Dan Mace, Leonel Zarpelon, Matt Wilson, Elliot Stronge, Celine Giovanni, Jonathan Mihaljevich, Mahuia Bridgeman Cooper
  • Contributors
    Nick Worthington, Maria Devereux, Kim Ragan, Billy Worthington, George Howes, Olly Boden, Anna Cernis, Hamish Steptoe, Paul Courtney, Hamish Mortland, Amy Pollock, Paul Gunn, Beth Johnson, Iain Butler, Richard Llewellyn, Sara Cairney, Adam Prentice, Richard Neville, Clint Dulieu
  • Client
Judge's comments:

The activation of the bridge by way of lighting at night made it become a symbol and a beacon.
The ongoing opportunity for art and theatre for the community was realised. Long may it continue.