Unispace 19 Unispace Auckland Studio

Colour Award Spatial 2021 Credits
  • Creative Director
    Antonia Walmsley
  • Design Director
    Antonia Walmsley
  • Team Members
    Harry Rowntree, Chris Kim, Rose Williams, Luke Rogers, George Piek
  • Contributor
    Neil Shaw
  • Client

Being on the 24th floor in a building on the waterfront the view out tends to focus on the distant horizon. The intent for the colour palette for the office was to link with the closer view on the edge of the harbour, where the city meets the port. The distinct deep red colour of the ceilings references the copper oxide colour of the hulls of the ships and containers of the port and pavers & bricks of waterfront buildings and pathways.

A lighter more reflective custom powdercoat colour was used on the northern cowork space ceiling and metalwork throughout the fitout. The colour tonally similar to the painted ceiling but a softer and warmer hue.

Walnut timber, brass, washed timber flooring, cobbled tiles & layered textures give the fitout out a lived in residential feel making the user & visitor instantly comfortable.

The overall palette encourages staff and visitors to stay. To feel welcome. To feel at home.