COMMON Ltd 6 Cosmic Headquarters

Colour Award Spatial 2021 Credits
  • Creative Directors
    Daniel Sullivan, Tobin Smith
  • Design Director
    Daniel Sullivan
  • Team Member
    Kate Sullivan
  • Contributors
    Jenna Ingram, Mark Carswell, Sarah Rowlands, Robert Seikon, Anastasia Papaleonida
  • Client
    Cosmic Corner Ltd

Cosmic Corner Limited is New Zealand’s emporium of the alterative and operate eight stores across both North and South Island, as well as a significant online store, focusing on retailing a large range of vegan and cruelty free, environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion and beauty products, fun and interesting gifts, products focused on spiritual wellness and various vaping paraphernalia. Cosmic also run an event ticketing service.

Having grown over 22 years, and now stocking and reselling over 8,000 products the need for a purpose designed office headquarters and distribution centre was realised. We worked in collaboration with Fiksate Gallery director and artist Jenna Ingram to reinterpret Cosmics corporate logo and colour scheme to represent Cosmic’s colourful branding, personality and team thorough the new fitout.

450m2 of space was arranged to include specific office space for Accounts, Ticketing and Operations / Management, Wholesale, Marketing and Buyers offices and Photography suite all arranged to surround and face into the central office space containing Processing and Dispatch. A total of 1,000m2 of adjacent warehouse shelving to house stock with 300m2 of open area at first floor level that can quickly be converted to house the odd dance party.

The building is purposefully non descript to the exterior with no specific exterior branding other than the wonderfully colourful street art completed to one of the warehouse tilt panel walls facing the dispatch roller doors.

The selected colour scheme was a reinterpretation of the corporate logo and colour scheme representing Cosmic’s colourful branding, personality and team.

Resene Casal, a warm muted greyed green blue was selected for the directors office for its sophisticated yet peaceful expression.

Deceptively bright Rouge Pink was applied to the female / wahine powder room for its powerful punch of intense colour.

Resene Shadowry Blue, Awash and Green meets Blue are combinations of deep oily blues, subdued and soft blues and greens that all work to together as peacuful yet powerful background hues.

Quarter Tapa and Wan White are both peaceful sedated and neutual backdrops to remaining office walls.

Resene Pitch Black and Half Turbo were applied in diagonal stripe format to fire egress doors for immediate attention.

Complimentary tones in autex panelling and carpet tiles were combined within each space.

The artists who collaborated on the exterior artwork are Robert Seikon (Poland) and Anastasia Papaleonida (Greece), they were resident artists at Fiksate Gallery who were tempted by the ‘blank canvas’ they saw on the wall after attending a party onsite - It was "a beautiful wall".

They spent a week in the height of early 2020 summer working on this and purposely used a colour palette that incorporated the interior colour scheme in the offices.

These two artists are known for their amazing murals all around Europe and the final result representative of Cosmic's colourful branding, personality and team. The abstract composition of line, color and shapes create a juxtaposition of organic and structural elements which represent both Seikon and Papaleonida's areas of expertise.