Biasol Studio 3 Insight Body and Mind

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Heidi Biasol
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Jean-Pierre Biasol
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Rachel Santos, Madeline Deneys
  • Client
    Dr Liz Terziovski
Judge's comments:

Stunning, elegant and a clever mix of old & new - subtle warm tones, pops of colour and beautiful curves flow from room to room.
This project exhibits a strong ability to refine and craft the use of various color and textures. A surprising medley of elements which work coherently to deliver a unified approach.
Lovely example of using a wide and rich variety of materials and finishes to create a natural / premium experience. Luxurious natural stones feature while being supported by neutral tones.


Insight Body and Mind is a wellness space combining psychology and mindful movement to inspire positive change. By redefining the existing Insight psychology brand, we’ve created an elevated spatial experience designed to nurture the body and mind as one.

Melbourne-based Insight Psychology had a vision to evolve its practice into a more integrative experience with psychology and mindful movement to inspire and empower positive change. We designed the interior and branding for the newly named Insight Body and Mind to reflect this evolution and holistic approach to health and wellbeing. The client required an overarching identity and spatial experience to encompass both body and mind, with a clear distinction between the psychology practice and wellness studio, whilst communicating the innovative union of both practices.

We designed a colour and material narrative to represent the two overlapping elements of the business, and to transition through the three levels, gradually lightening and providing a sensory and tactile experience. The colour palette comprises two distinct yet integrated schemes to represent psychology and movement, respectively. Deep teal tones are professional and earthy to represent the psychology practice on the ground floor, while peach tones of stone, terrazzo and venetian plaster infuse the movement studios with a sense of humanness and serenity. This luxurious materiality provides a boutique feel, steering clear of any clinical connotations.

The unified approach and distinctive concept of Insight has produced an elevated customer experience with an innovative differentiation of its offering, setting a new path forward with a holistic approach to both body and mind. Through close consideration of the layout and spatial experience, Insight provides a community space which empowers transformation through the benefits of nurturing both our mental and physical health.

The interiors, branding and services are seamless, meaningful and integrated, with light-filled spaces, sculpted curved forms and graphic stone surfaces evoking flow, energy and life. Maximising the small footprint, the space offers clients a sensory and transcendental spatial experience, from the consulting rooms on the ground floor, to the movement studios on the first and second floors. The building layout distinctly separates each wing of the business with separate entrances, to provide a warm, welcoming and safe space for clients on their journey to wellbeing, with discretion to those visiting only for psychology sessions.