Taylor Fleet Home Grown

  • School
    Ara Institute of Canterbury

The hospitality industry in Aotearoa consumes and discards an estimated 295 million single-use cups every year, putting pressure on our landfills. While New Zealanders actively seek alternatives like reusable cups, is there a way to turn the negative impact of single-use products into a positive one?

Home Grown explores the potential of revolutionising single-use waste while keeping our whānau and te whenua happy and healthy. Home Grown cups are made from plant-based materials and inks; these cups are home-compostable and can break down in the soil, revealing a fertiliser pellet and kākano (seeds) inside the base. These aren’t just takeaway cup, it’s a self-starter seed bank for our communities.

Home Grown advocates for biculturalism and urges us to foster deeper connections with our land, family and food. This core concept is reflected in the designs and tone of the project, using native motifs, interpreted designs and providing Te Reo and English translations.