Kyra Jensen Night Parrot

  • Tauira / Student
    Kyra Jensen
  • Kaiako / Lecturer
    Annette O'Sullivan

Kākāpō is a nearly extinct, native bird in New Zealand. They are nocturnal and the largest parrot in the world. After being hunted and having predators introduced through colonisation, their population rapidly declined. Kākāpō were sent to predator-free and monitored islands. They don’t breed often so these monitored environments are the only thing keeping the species from going extinct. Due to their isolated nature, the only way for the public to help is through donations. The brief was to create a series of touchpoints that could effectively reach the goal of the conservation of a native New Zealand bird.

Night Parrot Juice aims to involve many generations in the education of Kākāpō. It includes facts and information on each different flavour of the juice boxes and a link to the Night Parrot app. Each Kākāpō is named and have trackers so each juice box has an individual Kākāpō sticker on the front. This sticker can be stuck on the Kākāpō Family poster. You can then download the app, scan the Kākāpō that you have collected and track where they are, see more information about them and keep a collection.

The only way that people can help save the Kākāpō population is through donations. These donations go to the islands and scientists to continue their research and protection. Profits from the juice boxes go towards this and the app allows people to make donations in order to unlock more Kākāpō.